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Since 1965 Pizzagoni's Towing has provided fast and affordable towing services in Brentwood CA and the surrounding communities. Their Bow Tie Brigade has over 100 years of towing experience prepared to tow your car safely and quickly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact their 24hr dispatch center at 925-634-1444 or toll-free at 800-286-1550.

Tow Truck Drivers Wearing Bow Ties

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The tow truck drivers wear bow ties at Pizzagoni's Towing. This is to remind you of the service you should expect from the best Brentwood towing service. The Bow Tie Brigade operates a fleet of local tow trucks outfitted with the latest towing equipment and technology to ensure your vehicle is towed safely, quickly at the best possible price.The team is routinely recognized as the best Brentwood towing provider and recently was awarded the "Best Brentwood Towing Company" award from the Brentwood Press Readers. Pizzagoni's Towing was also recognized by the Towman 500 as one of the 500 most experienced towing company in the country. Call the dispatch center now at 925-634-1444 to experience the Pizzagoni's Towing difference for yourself.

24hr Towing Service

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Pizzagoni's Towing offers reliable towing and roadside assistance for your car or light truck in Brentwood CA and the surrounding area. Their personal and professional service have the experience to deliver expert, affordable towing services.

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Antioch CA Towing Service

Pizzagoni's Towing now offers fast and affordable Antioch Towing and roadside assistance. They have trucks staged around Antioch for immediate Antoich Towing for your car or truck.

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Low Clearance Flatbed Towing

Pizzagoni's Towing offers flatbed towing throughout the area. With a fleet of extreme low load angle flatbed trucks their team is prepared to safely load all types of low-clearance vehicle.

Trusted By Law Enforcement Officials

Pizzagoni's Towing partners with several law enforcement departments to provide safe, secure towing and roadside assistance services throughout the Brentwood area. These partners include: Brentwood Police Department, Oakley Police Department, Contra Costa Sheriff's Office and the Highway Patrol.

Insured Above State & Federal Insurance Requirements

Finding a reputable towing provider is becoming increasingly difficult but you can hire Pizzagoni's Towing with confidence knowing their insurance coverages exceed Federal and State of California Towing Insurance requirements. Taking risks with your towing provider could cost thousands of dollars down the road. You can trust Pizzagoni's Towing.

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